Who we are

Coinspot is Russian independent information and news source covering everything about current and future fintech trends, cryptocurrency and decentralized technologies and their implementation in modern financial world.

Launched in 2013 today we are among leading Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency websites for Russian-speaking audience. We created a well-known brand in local community and act as information source both for local and foreign media and as media sponsor for offline events and conferences. Now we’re open to global community.

Why we do this

With current political situation and government attitude it’s not so easy for global Bitcoin community to find a reliable source of information from Russian Federation and neighbor countries. Despite challenges local community is constantly growing and participating in worldwide activity in cryptocurrency and decentralized finance field.

Our goal is to build a bridge between 1/7 of the land and professionals or enthusiasts from all around the world bringing actual information, news and analysis to worldwide community. We want to become a reliable source for everyone looking for news from local scene.

Why we’re cool

What you’ll find here is trusted and exclusive information and analysis from local sources. We are in touch with local business, media and developer community and constantly tracking local cryptocurrency and fintech area to bring actual information to our readers.

Whether you are a bitcoin fan or developer, trader or investor, startup member or business owner, blogger or journalist, activist or official and looking for any related information from Russian decentralized finance and technology market – you came to the right place.

Stay tuned, we are just getting started.